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Hi, welcome to my playground! I’m Gunes, an interior achitect – MA, designer and a self-taught  illustration artist;  -and the rest of the time a professional dreamer. :)

Drawing and art was always my passion and things I love to do as a kid are my whole adventure now. Since I was a little girl, I remember having a crayon or a watercolor brush in my hand at all times. My love for art transitioned over to the love for interior design and architecture in high school and college. When I was a student at the Faculty of Architecture, I started posting my rough sketches on my Facebook and Instagram. Drawing was just like a stress-relieving hobby for me back then. I had no idea what I was doing at first. After a while I started my online shop with the support of my best friend studying fashion design, which then lead to the birth of my and stock illustration small business.

a self-taught fashion illustrator, decided to start her own small business, Drawberry & GunesT illustration in 2016.

I find joy in fashionably-illustrated copic art and love sketching fashion and beauty inspired drawings and creating things that can bring a little sparkle into people's lives. I absolutely love being able to offer a wide variety of my illustrations. Each piece in my shop is made with love, as I am the creator and manager of this little business.

My work is sold internationally, and I work with brands in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle subjects to make creative campaigns, products, branding publications, and more. I also love to create whimsical cliparts,surface patterns and stock artwork collections for professional makers all around the world.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any question! Feel free to message me for requests, collaboration or feedback, and I'll always open for your suggestions.


Cheers, :)

Gunes T. 


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